Run Log #4

Not Much To Report

The last two weeks have not been filled with runs like I had planned.

After taking one week off to get over a minor case of pneumonia, I tried to workout inside but was still physically spent.  I have been unable to fall asleep quickly, which is unusual, and I have been sleeping late as a result.  Often staying bed past 11:00am, eating up most of my days off and screwing up my plans to get anything productive done. Continue reading Run Log #4

Run Log #3

Persistent Cold, Not the Temperature

I did not make all the progress I was looking to make.

Over the past month I have had a stuffy nose and sore throat and been trying to workout through it.  It has not gotten worse but I should have fought it off by now.  Over the past two days I have gotten most rest where I was planning to get in two more runs.  Sometimes you can work through a cold, this was not one of those times. Continue reading Run Log #3