Run Log #2 – Still Cold

So guess what, it’s still cold.

But I think I will get through it.

Here is how my last two weeks have gone.

I got two runs done. Not a dazzling feat but it is something.

Run 1  1/10/16– Nighttime, not too cold, no wind

Lifted Weights to warm up, 3 min run/ 1 min rest, 2 min run/ 1 min rest, 1:30min run/ 1 min rest, 1:30 min run, 5 min walk cool down.

Run 2  1/19/16– Daylight, Just below freezing, Windy on the way back

30 min of yoga and stretching (dressed in my sweatshirt, sweats, socks) to warm up. 10 burpees thrown in to start breathing hard, jogging in place and around my house (not sure if this was effective or just made me feel silly).

Actual run- 2:30/ :30, 2:00/ :30, 1:30/ 1:00, 2:00/ 6:00 cool down

Breaking down these runs actually surprised me. After this morning’s run I felt like I had done so much better than the first then I looked at the numbers. Both show 8 minutes of running with 8 minutes of rest or walking.

So why did I feel improvement but it can not be seen in my times.

Well I need to add another data point. On the second run I went further than my first.

Using I plotted out my route and found my approximate distances.

Run 1– 1.08mi + .25mi Cool Down

Run 2– 1.58mi + .25mi Cool Down

By adding in my distances I can see I ran a half mile further on my second run and did it one minute faster then took an extra minute to walk my cool down. That is a pretty good improvement if you ask me.

I think the reason for such a noticeable improvement is how I prepared for each. Before the first I had work that day and was on my feet lifting and moving around and then I lifted weights before going out. Before the second I slept around ten hours, woke up, warmed up and ran. There is no question I felt better during the second as well.

I can also say I handled the cold well during the second run. I was wearing a t-shirt, jacket, sweatshirt with the hood up, winter hat,  tights, sweatpants, socks that fit my Vibram Five Fingers. So being thoroughly bundled up I was mostly comfortable besides having cold toes by the end of it.

My Next Steps

The main purpose of  these running updates is to track how I am doing and make steady improvements. However, coming from my experience in the past of being able to run 7, 6, and 5 minutes per mile for miles and miles, running almost everyday, where I am currently is very demoralizing.

Running a mile and a mile and a half in eleven and ten minutes is so unthinkable for me that I want to say I measured my distances wrong.

But I am fairly sure the distances are correct and right now I am just slower than I used to be.

So my plan is to get in extra runs and do four runs over the next two weeks. Whenever it is warm enough I am going to just lace up and go.

On your marks.

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