Run Log #3

Persistent Cold, Not the Temperature

I did not make all the progress I was looking to make.

Over the past month I have had a stuffy nose and sore throat and been trying to workout through it.  It has not gotten worse but I should have fought it off by now.  Over the past two days I have gotten most rest where I was planning to get in two more runs.  Sometimes you can work through a cold, this was not one of those times.

So I’ll summarize what I did do.  I changed up my routine a bit.

Run 1:  Daylight about 50 degrees

Warmed up with yoga and sparring with my brother.  Ran for 10 minutes straight about 1.31 miles.  Walked back home for 9 minutes to cool-down.  Pace around 7:40min/mi.  This was not as much as I could do but I was happy to stop at ten minutes.

Run 2:  Daylight about 50 degrees

Yoga and sparring to warm up.  11 minutes of running, got to about 1.44 miles.  Walked for 11 minutes.  Pace was about the same, I just felt like going a bit longer.

Only two runs to record, not what I wanted to do but until I get over this annoying cold, I am taking it easy.

I like my new routine more.  I changed from shorter, faster, with more rests to longer, a bit slower, and one long rest.  My reasoning is, if I want to run further over time I need to have longer periods of running.  Once I can do more than ten minutes without any fatigue I will try two ten minute runs with just enough rest to slow my heartbeat down to resting.

I hope to start off the next two weeks with a run tomorrow but that depends on if I can get free of this cold.

Until next time,

On your marks.

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