Run Log #4

Not Much To Report

The last two weeks have not been filled with runs like I had planned.

After taking one week off to get over a minor case of pneumonia, I tried to workout inside but was still physically spent.  I have been unable to fall asleep quickly, which is unusual, and I have been sleeping late as a result.  Often staying bed past 11:00am, eating up most of my days off and screwing up my plans to get anything productive done.

I did get one run in. One sad, short, miserable run.

Run #1 2/13/16(Happens to be my birthday, yay crappy birthday run)

Twilight, 15° ,weather report says it feels like -5°, strong headwind coming back, 30% humidity.

I bundled up in layers of sweats, compression gear, long sleeve shirt, knit woolen cap, and thick socks, and then warmed up, stretched, and preformed two lifts to failure.  First, a slightly weighted (about 15lbs) pull up.  Then an overhead shoulder press with an unimpressive 70lbs, in my defense the eccentric phase of the movement was slower than 5 seconds.

By the time I was done I was very warm.  Hopefully warm enough.  I switched my thick socks for toe socks so I could run in my Vibrams (because I am stubborn to the point of stupidity), slipped on gloves, grabbed my stopwatch, and shot out of the door before I could chicken out.

I turned around at 5:00 out, I was more tired from lifting than I thought I would be and I knew the way back was going to be worse than the way out.  I measured this point to be .67 of a mile.

By this point I knew this was not going to be the greatest run ever.  I was putting it in with the front runners of the worst runs I have ever had already.

I have a strategy to running against the wind that does work, unfortunately it requires running right behind some poor sucker.  My other strategy is to alternate running harder to get done faster and get to a point where the route changes direction so I can slow down to catch my breath.  The way back was all straight against the wind so I had no breaks.

Here is a tip, even though it feels like it is easier to run against the wind if you hunch over a little bit, hunching can screw up your form and over a long run lead to injury. You are better off staying straight and leaning into the wind at the hips.  Focus on keeping your stride fast and short.

I made it to 7:10 (right at 1 mile) until I stopped to walk a bit.

By now my toes had become numb.  The good news, everything else was warm enough to still have feeling and I had bundled up sufficiently.  Started up again at 8:20 and ran until 10:00 (1.25mi).          I walked until 11:30 and refused to go inside without running further so I ran a big circle around my apartment and stopped at 13:30 (1.5 mi).

I do not recommend any of this stupidity.  Do not bother going out I weather like this, it certainly did not do any good for me.

That is not entirely true, I have some new rules for myself from the experience:

  1. In the winter, run when it is light out at the warmest part of the day.
  2. If you do run in the cold, do not run when there are strong winds.
  3. If you run when there are strong winds, run a route that does not go against the wind, stupid.

So that is my progress, being a little less stupid in the future.  I think I will do some indoor cardio until the coldest part of the year is past.

This has given me a good idea, in the future I will write more posts on some of the worst runs I have ever had.  Ah fond memories!

On your marks… and stay inside.

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