Run Log #5

The Miserable Cold Runs Have Paid Off

Lots of progress to report.  First let me summarize.

Run #1  2/21/16 I did not document much for this run.

10:10 at 1 mile, 19:18 at finish of 2.16 miles. 8:56 min/mi

Run #2  3/01/16 Still cold, Head wind on the way back.

7:37 at 1 mile, 10:25 when I turned around, walked from 13:38-14:38, 18:10 when I finished, 6:40 walk to cool down.  7:48 min/mi

Run #3  3/08/16  Cool out ~50°,  Did squats and bench beforehand.

7:13 at 1 mile, 9:42 at turnaround, 16:47 at final distance of 2.32 miles. 7:06 min/mi.

So, I have been able to run longer and/or faster each consecutive run by only running once a week.  I make sure I heal completely before my next run and warm up and stretch well before lacing up.

I am going to stick with this minimal training until my results plateau.

Notes On How Not to Be Sore and Broken

After my second run, the next day my feet were very tender.  From behind my toes to my heel, basically the plantar fascia, was so sore I had to walk gently and was sure to baby my feet the whole day.

This soreness is expected and necessary if your foot strike is near your forefoot.  I find landing on the forefoot to be the most comfortable and most efficient for myself.  Accordingly I make sure to show some love to my feet and calves so they do not fall apart on me.

I have a regime I use to recover:

I take contrast showers and soak my feet in ice cold water

I take basic supplements, vitamin D, C, Zinc, etc.

Use a foam roller, concentrating on my legs.

Quality sleep is always wanted and it is hard to get too much.

And often overlooked by a lot of healthy dieters, I make sure to eat enough.  If you do not get enough protein and fat your body will not heal quickly and you will not get stronger or faster.  And who can pass up an excuse to make a monster of a chocolate peanut butter avocado protein shake. Yes, all of those together.  Would you be more put off if I told you two raw eggs go in there too?  Just pretend you did not read that.

In the last quarter mile of my third run my feet were already letting me know they were at their limit. Instead of pushing through it and probably hurting myself (like I have many times before), I shortened my stride, slowed down, and switched to landing closer to my heel.  I expect to be walking gingerly for the next day or two. Yea running!

It was definitely worth the soreness tomorrow to run fast today.  I was gliding along, I knew I was faster than my last run and I felt great.

If your are reading this then you have probably felt the same way on a good run.  Just be sure to listen to what your body is feeling.  If exerting your body is spending the reserves of energy you have stored, resting is like depositing money in the bank.  You are sure to pay for it when you are in debt.  Give it more than you take and you will always be strong.

Until next time, on your marks…BANG!

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