On The Importance of Doing

My Own Motivation

I have been wanting to get a run in since last Tuesday (1/19).  But as soon as I healed up and felt ready the temperature dropped twenty degrees and it snowed.

Snowed Back 01.2016
Snow Storm, not good for running.
Snowed Front 01.2016
Yep, definitely staying home, staying inside, and staying warm.

It continued to snow for a day straight.  Strong winds pelted my windows with ice and built snowdrifts to block people in their apartments.  It was not the most snow we have ever gotten but it was a strong showing.

I know what you are saying, ‘Come on, get out there. Stop making excuses!’

That’s what a part of me said, at least.  Then I told that part to go shove it and spent my morning in bed with a book. Continue reading On The Importance of Doing